Feedback Friday!

It’s Feedback Friday! Some of you have seen and become a part of The Forever Fierce Revolution.   If you haven’t, I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to this amazing place on Facebook.  You’ll find a community of supportive, collaborative women (and a few men), most of whom are in their 50s and older. … Read More Feedback Friday!

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Summer Skirt

Summer hit with a vengeance this week. Heading to a lunch meeting Wednesday my car, hot enough to fry an egg, informed me the outside temp was 113. Ugh. According to the calendar it’s still Spring. For the rest of the country. June-September is the penance we pay for our amazing weather October – May.… Read More Summer Skirt

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Eliminate, Donate, Participate

Eliminate, Donate, Participate Recycling has become a part of our daily routine. Glass, plastic, aluminum – these are all commonly recycled materials, but have you thought about fabric or, more specifically, clothing? Cleaning out my closet gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. I pull pieces that just don’t work for me anymore.… Read More Eliminate, Donate, Participate

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Easy Summer Dress

When the summer heat hits, I prefer dresses over shorts. Summer dresses feel cooler and less binding than other clothing options. Since our little corner of the world hit 109 degrees yesterday little details like that become really important!  I want a dress that is loose and comfortable but still has shape to it.  Otherwise… Read More Easy Summer Dress

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Linen Dress Revisited

I wanted to add a little something to this J.Jill linen dress after styling it a couple of weeks ago (More Linen).  The addition of a jean jacket is such a simple thing but it creates a really different effect. It also helps that my neck is back to normal so I can move around.… Read More Linen Dress Revisited