Designer or Dupe?

I love a pair of designers shoes as much as the next girl. Yes, you’re paying a premium for the designer name, but you can’t deny the quality. If a top designer’s shoes were poorly made, they would fall from grace in a nanosecond. No one would pay those top prices for subpar workmanship.

There is also the intangible quotient, that feeling when you walk out of the store with your new, high-end shoes, that bit of giddiness. So much fun!  In sales they used to call that “the sizzle.”  Remember that old expression, “don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle?”  The sizzle is the feeling, knowing you’ve just treated yourself to something special.

For some reason I just can’t do it in the summer. I am so rough on sandals, the idea of spending an arm and a leg for a designer name doesn’t make sense.  I always manage to scuff the toe to a degree that really warrants a trip to the trash.  And that’s in their first season! How awful to drop top dollar on  a pair of shoes that are ruined in less than three months.  Ugh.  Am I the only one with this issue?  I have to think I’m not.

Enter the dupe.  I found these on Amazon and I was thrilled.  I love the pink, but these come in a variety of colors and heel heights.  In a price range of $30-$60, I won’t be devastated if I scuff them beyond wearability this summer.  If they survive the season?  That much better!

Which is your choice, designer or dupe?  Or is some combination of both in your closet?

Thanks for reading!

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