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Eliminate, Donate, Participate

Eliminate, Donate, Participate

Recycling has become a part of our daily routine. Glass, plastic, aluminum – these are all commonly recycled materials, but have you thought about fabric or, more specifically, clothing?

Cleaning out my closet gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. I pull pieces that just don’t work for me anymore. As I remove those items, I often feel that they still have life in them. They don’t fit my needs, but if they are in good shape I’m always sure they’ll work for someone else. That’s why I always donate my unused or gently-used clothing. Think of it as clothing recycling – eliminating things you don’t need, donating to others who do.

Enter Pact apparel. Pact sells and advocates for sustainable clothing by educating shoppers on the fabrics and materials that are most friendly to the environment (hint: cotton and linen). Pact apparel follows strict standards when it comes to sustainably farming, harvesting, and eventually manufacturing products from certified-organic cotton. In fact, compared to conventional cotton textiles, their GOTS and Fair Trade Certified products are better for both the environment and your personal health. This is just at the right time, too, as fast-fashion textiles and synthetic fabrics are so prevalent!

According to research presented by the Council for Textile Recycling, 85% of post-consumer textile waste in the United States is sent to landfills. Wow! In an attempt to reduce waste and encourage people to buy with intent, it’s refreshing to see dozens of apparel manufacturers focusing on raising awareness to the waste issues at hand.

This month, I’m hoping to to urge individuals to get organized, clean their closet, and donate their unwanted new and gently-used clothing. Before summer has come and gone, I’m hoping to inspire you to eliminate, donate, and participate in seasonal clothing drives that support local community members, family charities, and youth organizations in your area accepting donations. Next time you’re cleaning out your closet or making a seasonal transition, remember, your donated new or gently-used items could literally clothe a person in need, or even fund the charity of your choice.

I understood the donation side of the equation, but never thought about the environmental side. By donating rather than discarding, I was keeping those items out of the landfill. Beyond this,

purchasing durable and seasonally-transitional staples, you’ll buy less, and keep it for longer. Therefore, keeping your used textiles circulated is a fantastic way to reduce your waste contributions and the consumption of raw materials. Remember, donating your clothing gives it a second life, whether it’s helping a person in need, or being recycled and recirculated; either way, you’re making a difference!

The seasons are changing, so the timing here is perfect and I’m boxing up my gently-used seasonal clothing for Amberly’s Place. That’s how I’ll participate.  How about you?  What organizations, charities, and support groups accept donations in your area?

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