Grey and Pink

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The basic winter uniform of sweater, scarf, jeans and boots can take some very non-basic turns.  I’ve stepped away from what I consider traditional, winter colors in favor of grey and pink, and (gasp!) white jeans in January.  I like this lighter, softer color scheme.

If you’ve been vacillating about over-the-knee boots I completely understand.  They make quite a statement and who knows if they’ll be around next year?  The good news is the several low-cost options now available, which will allow you to take this look through the season relatively guilt-free.  And if the trend continues next year, you’re already on top of it for a fantastic price.  For kicks and giggles I also included two of the high-end boot styles that started the trend.  These definitely fall under the heading of “Splurge” but they are fabulous.

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