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Looking Ahead

Being in the present.  As a tax and financial planning professional, I know planning makes a difference. I can help clients save money much more easily before the end of the year. After that, it’s more about damage control. With a continual forward focus, it is sometimes difficult to step out of that perspective in my personal life. I am always looking at the horizon.  And missing out on the here and now.

Planning ahead is important.  Goal-setting is important.  Enjoying the present is also important, and probably very healthy.  Taking time to smell the proverbial roses enjoy enjoy the things around me calms me.  Closing my eyes, breathing deeply, taking a little time to meditate and keeping my relationship with God strong through prayer grounds me, keeps me sane and helps me be in the moment.

Meditation is new for me and I’m probably not very good at it, but it’s calming and helps me turn off my brain a bit, allowing me to be in the present.  It’s ironic the way five to ten minutes of non-focus helps me to focus.  Why is that?  I can’t claim it completely changes and improves my day, because I have no idea that the day would have unfolded any differently without taking that time.  Still, if I allow some quiet time in a life of busy-ness, it relieves some of the angst that accompanies a day of so much to do and so little time in which to do it.  I’m sure that’s helpful for blood pressure and cortisol levels.  Rather than a cycle spinning out of control, it creates a cycle of rejuvenation.  I’m in.

What do you do to stay in the present?  I’d really love to hear some thoughts!

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