Collaboration, Looks


The Jacket My mom gave me this jacket a while back. Thanks Mom! It’s a great piece, especially since kimono-inspired jackets and wraps are all over style pages. In truth, my jacket is probably more Mandarin-influenced but the overall effect is the same. I guess the longer styles are more kimono-esque, but anything silk or… Read More Kimono-Inspired


Just Denim

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Okay, perhaps more than sometimes.  I had this vision of a streetstyle-type photo shoot for this denim outfit.  Sigh.  We got a late start.  It was hot.  It was windy.  We had so many other things to work on we were pressed for time.  It doesn’t matter what the… Read More Just Denim


My Latest Fitness Craze

Fitness is such an individual thing.  Yes, fitness classes and fitness groups are very popular, but what you like and what works for you is pretty specific.  For some, it’s all about running.  Others just want to pump weights.  Body-weight exercises (we used to call them calisthentics) also have a huge following and come in… Read More My Latest Fitness Craze