Reconciling Chic and Comfy

Do you feel the words chic and comfy are mutually exclusive?  It’s so often the case, but it doesn’t have to be.  Take this look from Chico’s.   The minute I slipped into these pants I said, “Aaaahhhh.” They felt so much like wearing the softest pajamas. You almost feel like you’e getting away with something… Read More Reconciling Chic and Comfy


Fall Florals

We always think of flowers in spring, but what about fall? It turns out the transition isn’t tough with the right colors. There is a unique depth to fall florals as a result of the colors involved.  Find florals from which you can pull the rich colors of fall, such as mustard, rust, plum and… Read More Fall Florals


Sweater Weather (Sort of)

It’s sweater weather! Okay, not here in the Southwest, but a girl can dream, especially because I know cooler weather is coming soon. 🙂  A little wrap like this cute number from Chico’s placates my desire for sweaters without smothering me in too-warm layers. don’t you love the unusual way it wraps? I’m such a… Read More Sweater Weather (Sort of)


I May Have Embellished

What do you think of embellished jeans? Aren’t they fun? If variety is the spice of life, you’ll find a smorgasbord of flavor with the options available. From fringe to jewels to fabric patches, I’m constantly amazed by the styles I find.  I hope you don’t let age limit you – most embellised styles are… Read More I May Have Embellished



The all-white room. I’ve always loved the look, and I’ve been intrigued by the way interior designers can make it come to life. The secret with a monochromatic look, especially with white or cream, is texture. You need different fabrics to create visual interest and you really need to find ways to create depth. Without… Read More Texture


My Skin Care Routine

I’ve tried a lot of skin care products and regimens over the years.  My first formal skin care routine came courtesy of my mom when she became a distributor for Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Through Mom and Mary Kay I learned the importance of a multi-step skin care routine while I was in junior high.  The… Read More My Skin Care Routine


Fall Booties Under $150

Fall Booties What are your favorite things about Fall?  There are almost too many to count!  When it comes to fashion, I love the fabrics such as suede, tweed and wool and the deep, rich colors of burgundy, persimmon, mustard yellow, and deep purple.  I really love the shoes – especially boots and booties!  With… Read More Fall Booties Under $150


Let’s Talk About Sex

Let’s talk about sex.  More specifically, let’s talk about sex after menopause.  I’m still scratching my head wondering what the heck happened.  Things were going great all through the  pre-menopausal issues.  Hot flashes?  Check.  I had them.  Night sweats?  A few, but I could probably count them on one hand.  Sex?  Absolutely!  No problem there. … Read More Let’s Talk About Sex