Shoes in Pantone’s Top Ten Colors for Fall 2017

The Pantone Color Institute is well known for culling through the shows of New York Fashion Week and presenting the most popular colors used by designers each season. Pantone’s Top Ten Colors for Fall 2017 featured variations on predictable themes (it just wouldn’t be fall without some shade of burgundy), but some hues were surprising, either by their presence or by their absence. Missing was any shade of purple, but isn’t Golden Lime interesting?  (In case you thought purple had no place in the fall spectrum, it’s part of the top ten from London Fashion Week.)

For fun I highlighted each color in some of this season’s cute shoes, all in suede.  Yes, I’m a little off on some of the hues, but give a girl a break.  Some of these “in” colors weren’t as easy to find as I would have thought, and I was particular about using suede.  I also wanted to feature a wide variety of styles.  See anything that works for you?

Speaking of fun and colorful, I want to give a birthday shout out to my sister-in-law Kristin.  Happy Birthday, beautiful sister.  I hope this one is the best yet, and each new one is better than the last!!

I’m looking forward to fall’s gorgeous colors, and Pantone has highlighted some beauties.  Which are your favorites?

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