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 Dress, still available in purple and black • Similar here and here | Utility Vest • Options here and below | Necklace • Similar here and below | Bag • Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes • Similar here and below | Lipstick • M·A·C Cherish | Lip Gloss • Revlon HD Rose Quartz
I thought I’d punch up this plain pink dress, last seen here, with a utility vest.  Talk about a completely different look!  I love finding new ways to wear old favorites in my closet, don’t you?  Nothing like a fresh perspective for free! 🙂
I’ve thought about doing the occasional “shop your closet” post, experimenting with pieces most of us already have.  What do you think?  Most of us don’t go out and buy new clothes every week, but it would be fun if we looked like we did!
Let me know if there is a basic piece in your closet you’d like to see in a new way.  Let’s see if we can bring it new life.  Maybe it’s as easy as adding a utility vest.
Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Bukan pekerjaan mudah itu Mbak, perlu belajar dan belajar terutama yang dulu nilai bahasa indonesianya jeblok, hehe…..Tapi blog saya dari awal memang saya orientasikan untuk penggunaan bahasa Indonesia sesuai EYD meskipun dalam perjalanannya nggak EYD banget.Saya juga nggak EYD banget kan? Banyaknya emoticon juga nunjukin sedikit kekurang profesionalan…

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