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Dress • Missguided (Only $30!) | Fedora • Similar here | Nude Pumps • Christian Louboutin (also available at other stores below, lower cost version here) | Black Pumps • Charles David (other options below.  If you love Christian Louboutin pumps, they’re in black here) | Watch • Michael Kors | Sunglasses • Ray-Ban | Lip Pencil • M·A·C Burgundy | Lipstick • M·A·C Dark Side

This was supposed to be an easy look for your Monday, but the post didn’t post when it was scheduled.  I was so busy I didn’t double-check (major faux pas) so now, here’s an easy look for your Thursday! 🙂  This one was so easy – a pullover black dress, a fedora and pumps, but since it’s minimalist and all one color it looks so pulled together. Unfortunately, it appears that’s the only thing that was pulled together Monday!

I love the great pattern on this otherwise simple black dress. Did you catch that $30 price tag??  I decided to skip jewelry (except the black watch) and let the dress take center stage.  I think it still would work without a knit pattern, but the texture adds that little something.  Do you agree?

The big question with this look concerns the shoes: Black or Nude?  To be honest, I like both.  On the one hand, the black pumps carry the all-black look to the finish line.  On the other, nude pumps lengthen your leg and break up so much black.  I expected a bigger difference in photos because the difference seems pronounced in the mirror.  I’m chuckling now because there are most people wouldn’t even notice something I gave so much weight to.  Given the choice, which would you pick?

Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Shoes: Black or Nude?

  1. Love the look with either the black or nude pumps, Helen! But if we go with the nude pumps, what shade of bag do we wear: black bag or nude bag?



    1. Good question Stana. Good news here – the sky’s the limit! If you want to stay with the sleek mood of this look, I’d go with black. I can see a small crossbody with some stitching like a Rebecca Minkoff “Love” or “Geo,” or a splurge like Chanel. but for a little fun what would you think of a small red bag, or maybe something like royal blue?

      Thanks for writing in!


    1. I completely understand that mood Jodie! Pops of color are always fun and they really stand out against black!!


  2. Hi Helen,
    I have only recently found your wonderful blog and I do appreciate your lovely sense of style.
    Firstly, I just LOVE your black dress…it’s so flattering and pretty. It has been said that “simplicity has an elegance all it’s own”.
    With regard to the “nude or black pumps” question…I just love the long line that a nude pumps can create, BUT…I do prefer (only a little bit) the contrasting black shoe with this outfit. I would probably prefer the nude if your dress was something other than black. A small colorful purse would really make it “pop”.
    Lastly…to be honest, asking “nude or black pumps?” is a bit like being asked which of your children you love more? Ha ha

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Good point regarding children! That’s probably why subconsciously I showed both here – I couldn’t decide between them. 🙂 Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments and for taking the time to write. Have a great weekend!


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