Some of My Favorites from Chico’s

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Earlier this year the lovely Catherine of CatherineGraceO conceived The Fierce 50.  She envisioned 50 bloggers over the age of 50 coming together on the 50th day of the year to celebrate our demographic.  On that day I featured Suzanne of AskSuzanneBell.com here and we had a great time putting together our mutual posts.  Although the message of The Fierce 50 is uplifting and positive, as a whole we’ve been frustrated by the way we’re basically ignored as consumers.  As a collective voice we hoped stores and designers would take notice.

Probably the first retailer to step out in support of our Movement was Chico’s.  They’ve been one of the few stores consistently meeting the needs of women our age, even before we joined together. They sent a beautiful friendship bracelet to each of the original Fierce 50 members.  There are several colors available; I’ve shown mine at #11 above.

As I say in my bio, I don’t want to ride into the sunset wearing elastic pants and baggy sweaters.  Chico’s has me covered, literally, in gorgeous style.  To prove my point, I’m featuring some of my current favorite pieces above.  All are on point without a single “old lady” item among them.  You can see more Chico’s style on Instagram, using #loveChicos.

Thanks, Chico’s, for the beautiful bracelet, and thanks for understanding us.