Think Pink

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I love all of the soft pink sweaters and shoes I’m seeing as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. They’ve caused me to “Think Pink.” I’ve collected a few of my favorites for your Friday viewing pleasure. I know a lot of women shy away from pink. I’m not sure if it’s tied to the old “Dress for Success” days when menswear ruled the day and pink was thought of as weak, too feminine, not serious enough for the board room.

As I got older I hit a point where I decided I still needed to dress in a professional manner but I was confident enough in my abilities to let my actions take precedence over the colors or styles I wore. Translation: I’m wearing pink, or whatever other color I like, whenever I want to. It doesn’t matter what my profession is; it doesn’t matter what my age is. I mean honestly friends, haven’t we earned that right?

I guess my takeaway from this is wrapped up in the Instagram roundups and hashtag #iwillwearwhatilike.  Don’t follow the “rules” but instead choose styles and colors that flatter your body type and skin tones.  And if that means a pink, ruffled sweater, so be it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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