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Veteran’s Day 2017

Last weekend I was privileged to be part of a fundraising event supporting our veterans. Ruby Personett, owner of Yuma Foothills Insurance, LLC, partnered with Chico’s and a local veteran’s organization to raise money for veteran housing. The goal is to build 33 homes for some of America’s true heroes. How fitting, on a day we celebrate the self-less men and women, to highlight an event that wants to give back. The sold out event was Ruby’s brainchild, and I hope it continues to grow and provide a helping had for years to come.

The evening included music, raffle prizes, and a fashion show presented by Chico’s. Appetizers and dinner were prepared by Yuma favorite, Chef Alex Trujillo of The Patio Restaurant & Bar at The Hills. Chef Alex is a true blessing to the community, working with many local non-profit agencies and their fund-raising dinners. The Patio is one of the best dining experiences in town whether, you choose to sit indoors or take your meal al fresco. With a unique and delicious menu, golf course convenience and one of the most perfectly situated sites to enjoy our fabulous western sunsets, The Patio is par excellence.

Photo Credit – The Patio Restaurant & Bar at The Hills

Karina Animal-Print Long-Sleeve Tee  | Leopard-Print Leggings  | Animal Sierra Top  | Leopard-Black Reversible Fringe Ruana

We started the evening modeling a casual outfit. I’ve linked a lot of the pieces below, but some, like my patterned stretch denim, are only available in stores. That’s okay, it just gives you more opportunity to shop!
Floral Button-Detail Pullover  | Ombre Velvet Tunic  | Boyfriend Jeans  | Animal Button-Back Tunic  | Paisley Nouveau Smocked Mock-Neck Top  | Travelers Classic No Tummy Pants in Royal Blue  | Knit Woven Tunic  | Ursula Multi-Strand Necklace  | Encrusted Collar Denim Jacket  | Sequin Lace-Cuff Girlfriend Ankle Jeans  | Floral Jacquard Pullover

If you think Chico’s is just for mid-life ladies, check out the pretty 17-year-old model to the right! She looked equally at-home in her pretty Chico’s outfits.  Chico’s has it all!

Exploded Floral Jacket  | Essential Reversible Tank  | No Tummy Pants

As you can see, we would not have been accused of OCD tendancies back stage. It was a bit of a mess but a whole lot of fun!

Textured Moto Jacket  | Ponte Bell-Sleeve Short Dress  | Side-Slit Sweater  | Crepe Pants  | Vibrant Faux-Fur Cardigan  | Velvet Sequin Trim Top | Lace Drama Cardigan  | Velvet Embellished Top  | Faux-Fur Trim Wrap

We followed with some unique and beautiful Chico’s holiday looks. One of the many things I love about Chico’s is the realism. Normal women of all shapes and sizes look good and feel good in Chico’s clothing. Styles and fabric are flattering to all body types. You don’t need a model’s body to find flattering outfits.

I know today’s post features a lot about fashion, but the event was to honor and help our Veterans.  My late father was a West Point graduate, an Air Force pilot, a Vietnam Vet and a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross.  My 92-year-old father-in-law was a kid when he dropped fighting men on the beaches of the Pacific Theater in WWII, participating in some of the bloodiest and hardest-fought fighting of that war while still a teenager.  Can you imagine?  Some of my dearest friends are military veterans (a quick shout out to Veterans and fellow Rotarians Bill Craft and Bob Nidiffer).  I can’t thank our veterans enough for their sacrifice, their patriotism, and the honor they displayed  representing our country, our values and our freedom.

At times our military takes a hit when wars are unpopular or military structure isn’t in vogue.  Having never marched a mile in their combat boots, we have no idea what they deal with, stationed in a foreign country, often away from family, sometimes fighting an enemy they neither know nor understand.  I will always have the deepest respect and admiration for all you’ve done.

Happy Veteran’s Day

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