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Dress • Romwe | Necklace • Romwe | Shoes • Similar here and below | Bag • Michael Kors | Sunglasses • Similar here | Watch • Michael Kors

It doesn’t get much easier than this – a white dress, a couple of pink accessories, a watch – and you’re out the door.  This dress is wonderful; it’s soft, simple and I love the flow of the skirt.  Add pale pink accents and it’s the essence of femininity.  No frills needed.

If you’ve followed this little blog for a while, you know this is a crazy busy time of the year for me.  Twelve-hour days are the norm and sitting down in front of a computer at the end of the day after so many hours doing the same thing in an office can be tough.  As much as I love putting these posts together, this time of year I love it a bit less, if you can understand that.  What I really want to do at the  end of the day is workout to let off some steam and then sit, relax, and sip some tea or wine. Turning off the conscious brain can feel so good!

I’ve been sporadic and scarce here lately, and that’s the reason.  Less than four weeks to go and I should be back to a more reasonable routine.  Thanks so much for hanging in there with me!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.  For Christians it is the most important event of all time, the day Jesus conquered death and reconciled us to God.  For others it may still be a wonderful family time, filled with brightly colored eggs and chocolate bunnies.  At the Greenwell house, with so much of the family coming over for the annual Easter weekend brunch, it will be a combination of both.

Enjoy your weekend!


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