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Like me, not all women my age want to dress like women my age.  That’s the inspiration behind Haute Business.  Although I think I’m past the age for crop tops and cutoffs, I’m not ready to ride off into the sunset in elastic pants and baggy sweaters.  If that sounds like you, I’d love to hear your ideas.  Fashion hasn’t abandoned those of us over forty (or fifty), but it sometimes takes a little more work to find.

With that said, I want Haute Business to be more.  I’m a CPA and a Certified Financial Planner ®.  Women I talk with are concerned about so many aspects of their finances.  Over the years I’ve found women are often more comfortable discussing these topics with other women.  Did you know men in the financial planning business are always trying to find ways to reach women clientele?  That’s something we women don’t have to worry about.  We naturally love to discuss issues with each other.

Haute Business is a place for women to share both fashion and finance.

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