Post-Christmas Blues

The only blues I’m dealing with are these pieces from J.Jill. After so much Christmas Red (I tend to go a bit overboard), it was great to pull out the cool, soothing tones of blue. Now that the rush of Christmas is over, are you turning your attention to the new year? I’m taking a… Read More Post-Christmas Blues



The all-white room. I’ve always loved the look, and I’ve been intrigued by the way interior designers can make it come to life. The secret with a monochromatic look, especially with white or cream, is texture. You need different fabrics to create visual interest and you really need to find ways to create depth. Without… Read More Texture


Transitional Plaid

Don’t you love mixing business and pleasure? These J.Jill cuffed plaid pants help me with that combination. They look like trousers but feel like your favorite pair of yoga pants. We know how great that can be, especially when you’ve got a long day stretching out before you. I’m thinking office, travel, or a casual… Read More Transitional Plaid

Collaboration, Looks


The Jacket My mom gave me this jacket a while back. Thanks Mom! It’s a great piece, especially since kimono-inspired jackets and wraps are all over style pages. In truth, my jacket is probably more Mandarin-influenced but the overall effect is the same. I guess the longer styles are more kimono-esque, but anything silk or… Read More Kimono-Inspired