I love the basics, but I also love the idea of giving those basics a little spin. Take these jeans for example: skinny, deconstructed. . .and a rose? Yes! Just the hint of an embroidered flower peeking through a distressed spot in the denim. Paired with a faux fur vest, the rose appliques give the… Read More Rose



  Did you ever take out the hem on a pair of jeans when you outgrew them?  Growing up, we were pretty frugal.  I had to do that more than once.  The trick was to create some fringe on the edge so everyone knew the look was “on purpose.” I smiled a bit inside when… Read More Fringe



It’s frustrating to find something fabulous in the store that I can’t link for you on the blog.  This sweater is one of those items.  It’s supersoft, oversized and so cozy.  And I can’t find it online ANYWHERE.  Grrrr.  I linked other options, but try visiting your local Dillard’s to find this one in the… Read More Cozy


Embellished Jeans

What do you think about the fun trend of embellished jeans? I’ll admit, many are over the top, but there are several styles that are really fabulous! My sister-in-law, Laura, has this pair, which I love!  I did a little shopping at my local Dillard’s and found this pair, among others, that had me swooning. … Read More Embellished Jeans


Bell Sleeves

A couple of things going on in life right now. One, I’m loving all things flared. A bit of a departure for me since I’ve tended to be more tailored in my clothing choices in the past. I can’t say I’m a Boho girl, but I am loving the way flares and bell sleeves seem… Read More Bell Sleeves