Filtering Attitudes

We had an unfortunate event happen over the long July 4th weekend.  Our pool filter decided to slow and eventually completely stop working.  We called a company specializing in cleaning filtration systems but found they had such a backlog we were at least a week away from help.  The timing could not have been worse: … Read More Filtering Attitudes


My Hair Color Routine

True confession time: I color my hair. More specificly, I color my hair myself. Since the time I was in high school and wanted highlights (remember Sun-In?) my poor hair has been at my experimental mercy.  I’ve tried all sorts of colors and options to achieve them. My hair was always a shade described as… Read More My Hair Color Routine


Summer Flowers

Do you ever explore your playful side? Maybe we all should! I may be serious at work, but I don’t take myself too seriously. Does that make sense? There are so many serious things happening in the world. I’ve chosen to stay informed but I’ve also chosen to stay in tune with a light-hearted attitude.… Read More Summer Flowers