What Scares You?

What scares you? When I first started training with my neighbors, their American Ninja Warrior equipment scared me. As my neighbor, Michael, talked about all the crazy things we’d eventually be doing on this contraption it was a little tough trying to appear enthusiastic. What the heck had I gotten myself into? We didn’t start… Read More What Scares You?


When Life Isn’t Fair

Last week I was planning an IG post about being tough when life isn’t fair. And let’s be honest, life often isn’t. Whether we get hit with little jabs or a giant center punch, we may at times feel as though we are being bantered about by the waves of misfortune. Some of us can… Read More When Life Isn’t Fair

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My Vampire Facial Results

Hi Friends! It’s been about 2 months since my microneedling appointment and I wanted to show my progress pics. About the only thing I did right was to take the photos at roughly the same time in the morning. My angles are a bit different – it’s rough taking selfies with a regular camera! The… Read More My Vampire Facial Results


Keeping Your Brain Power

I took my nearly 94-year-old father-in-law to his doctor appointment the other day. At this point in his life, every medical visit includes a cognition test. The questions are easy unless you’re almost 94 years old and dealing with the natural decline of the brain. My father-in-law’s neurologist told us we all naturally have half… Read More Keeping Your Brain Power


Vamping the Vampire Facial – My CIT Microneedling Experience

I’ve been sooo curious about vampire facials, or more specifically, Collagen Injection Therapy and Microneedling. After reading about the many women who have been pleased with the results I really wanted to try it. I made an appointment at my local source, Peach Skin Clinic, and worked with Maria. Maria was fabulous. My biggest issue… Read More Vamping the Vampire Facial – My CIT Microneedling Experience