You’re Never too Old to Blush

You’re never too old to blush. Soft pinks may not be the color of the season but they’re never out of style. Feminine and flattering, the various shades of blush soften even the most utilitarian of items. Cargo pants? Fabulous. Utility jacket? Yep, softened. Slip on tennies? Undoubtedly!  It’s no wonder I’m repeatedly drawn to… Read More You’re Never too Old to Blush


Ubiquitous Utility

The ubiquitous utility jacket, aka cargo jacket, is another one of those closet staples.  It’s lightweight, has pockets galore and, depending on the style, can be cinched at the waist for a less bulky look while boasting a removable hood to save your hair from a surprise light rain.  It really lives up to it’s… Read More Ubiquitous Utility


Touch of Spring

Spring is just around the corner, but the temps are still chilly in many places, making jackets a necessity. You can add a touch of spring to your cold-weather look with bright accessories like shoes or a bag (or both). A black moto jacket over jeans and a tee is a pretty basic look, and… Read More Touch of Spring


Casual Wednesday?

Casual Wednesday. Can that be a thing? I’m always on the lookout for an easy look I can wear as-is or dress up a bit with a pair of heels. I’m finding cropped pants fit that scenario nicely.  They’re still cute with flats, although a fuller cut can make me look squatty. Like so many… Read More Casual Wednesday?


Contrasts for Orange

You’ve bought a new sofa. You bring it home and set it right where you want it. You love everything about it – the size, the style, the color – and it’s fabulous in the space. You know you want to accent it with pillows, maybe a table lamp or a vase, but which?  And… Read More Contrasts for Orange


Office Pop of Pink

When I wear basic black and white to the office, a pop of pink does so much to add a little energy.  The girlie girl in me often chooses pink as an accent color, but I’m also very fond of any hue that creates the visual effect.  I don’t feel as though I can go… Read More Office Pop of Pink


Looking to Spring

Winters in the southwest are pretty mild, relatively speaking. Early mornings in the desert can be cold, but all in all, there’s a reason why northerners flock to Arizona October to April. You can spot them immediately: they’re the ones in shorts and tees on the golf course while the rest of us are bundled… Read More Looking to Spring


Winter White

There is something really chic about a winter white suit. I remember a photo of a model stepping out of a car in a beautiful, long, winter-white coat over a white suit. Stunning. Maybe not practical, but isn’t it nice to be impractical once in a while? White isn’t the color you necessarily think of… Read More Winter White


Wearin’ o’ the Green

With a last name like Greenwell, it’a inevitable I do the occasional ‘Wearin’ o’ the Green.” With St. Patrick’s Day less than a month away, it seemed a good time to show off my inner leprechaun. This is one of those days when I’m runnin’ and gunnin’, but I wanted to remind you to join… Read More Wearin’ o’ the Green


Midlife Paradigm Shift

What does it mean to be Fierce in Midlife?  Midlife has its opportunities and challenges.  We look at things differently, and we react to them differently.  I’d call it a Midlife Paradigm Shift.  For better or for worse, things aren’t the way they were for us in our 20, 30s or 40s.  We’re ignored by… Read More Midlife Paradigm Shift