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Forever Fierce

Last year 50 bloggers over the age of 50 came together on the 50th day of the year to celebrate each other and Midlife. You may remember The Fierce 50.  Wow has that idea taken off!  We’re expanding this year with Forever Fierce Campaign 2018.  Women at Midlife are realizing we are loving, collaborative, and… Read More Forever Fierce

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Lace-Back LBD

How pretty is this J.Jill Lace-Back LBD?  From the sheer-lace arms to the pleated lace overlay covering the back, the details of this unique dress make it special and party-worthy.  Lace is prefect for those occasions where sequins and sparkle are a bit too much, yet you still want a little embellishment.  This dress hits… Read More Lace-Back LBD

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Red Check

Give me all the red for the holidays!  I always love red, but this time of year it seems especially appropriate.  Maybe because we equate it with Santa’s outfit?  Who knows?  But it’s definiately the most prevalent color this time of year. Red takes on a more “everyday” look as gingham, and I love it… Read More Red Check

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Veteran’s Day 2017

Last weekend I was privileged to be part of a fundraising event supporting our veterans. Ruby Personett, owner of Yuma Foothills Insurance, LLC, partnered with Chico’s and a local veteran’s organization to raise money for veteran housing. The goal is to build 33 homes for some of America’s true heroes. How fitting, on a day… Read More Veteran’s Day 2017

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Think Pink

Now that fall is here, what do you think about pink? True, I’ve waited for months to bring out the darker autumn colors, and I’m relishing that fact, but there’s just something about pink.  In its lighter tones its flattering to just about every skin tone.  It can soften an edgier look without seeming frilly… Read More Think Pink

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J.Jill Compassion Fund Artisanal Scarf

I love the philosophy behind the the J.Jill Compassion Fund, which is committed to help disadvantaged and homeless women become self-sufficient. Helping a woman gain the tools and confidence to stand on her own can benefit her family for generations. Help change a disadvantaged woman’s legacy by supporting this great cause. Today I’m featuring this… Read More J.Jill Compassion Fund Artisanal Scarf

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Cowl-Neck Dress

I have to admit, when I first saw this Pure Jill Fit cowl-neck dress, “workout” was not the word that came to mind.  Although the stylists at J.Jill show this with leggings and sneakers, my mind went to leather and heels.  Go figure.  I’d say that’s versatility at its best.  Although I can’t see working… Read More Cowl-Neck Dress