More Olive

I’m still milking this shirt for all its got. It’s such a great fall transition piece! Almost everything goes with jeans, so no surprise this cute top does as well. With a great color like Olive (even though J.Jill calls it Arugula) I can look like fall while it still feels like summer.  How are you… Read More More Olive


Transitional Plaid

Don’t you love mixing business and pleasure? These J.Jill cuffed plaid pants help me with that combination. They look like trousers but feel like your favorite pair of yoga pants. We know how great that can be, especially when you’ve got a long day stretching out before you. I’m thinking office, travel, or a casual… Read More Transitional Plaid


Little Changes

Don’t you love it when you get a lot of mileage from pieces in your closet?  I really feel as though I’ve spent my money well when I can take a piece and style it multiple ways.  I’m doing that today with pieces you probably already have in your closet.  Sometimes little changes can make… Read More Little Changes

Collaboration, Looks


The Jacket My mom gave me this jacket a while back. Thanks Mom! It’s a great piece, especially since kimono-inspired jackets and wraps are all over style pages. In truth, my jacket is probably more Mandarin-influenced but the overall effect is the same. I guess the longer styles are more kimono-esque, but anything silk or… Read More Kimono-Inspired


Just Denim

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Okay, perhaps more than sometimes.  I had this vision of a streetstyle-type photo shoot for this denim outfit.  Sigh.  We got a late start.  It was hot.  It was windy.  We had so many other things to work on we were pressed for time.  It doesn’t matter what the… Read More Just Denim