The all-white room. I’ve always loved the look, and I’ve been intrigued by the way interior designers can make it come to life. The secret with a monochromatic look, especially with white or cream, is texture. You need different fabrics to create visual interest and you really need to find ways to create depth. Without them it’s so easy for an all-white room to look flat.

This J.Jill top appealed to me for its texture. It checked the boxes for visual interest and depth.  A plain, white sweater can be very pretty, but the monochromatic plaid created by the slight depth the knit provides gives the eye so much more to look at.  Another piece you can dress up or down, the tunic length allows it to top just about anything.  I’ve paired it with leather leggings like these, but there is enough backside coverage to make leggings a viable option.  The length also allows any of us to wear this winter white without visually adding weight.  And it’s J.Jill so you know it will be one of the softest sweaters in your closet!

Do you have any great weekend plans?  The Southwest comes to life in October, and the month is shaping up to be a busy one.  Don’t forget FierceCon 2018!  It’s only two weeks away and I’m so excited!  We’ve added the option of a “day pass” allowing you to join us for an abbreviated visit if a full weekend doesn’t fit in your schedule.  Check out the Forever Fierce Revolution Facebook page for details!

Have a fabulous weekend!