Yellow Moto

yellow Moto

Yellow Moto • Target, other options here and here | Top • Target, other options here and here | Jeans • Ann Taylor, tall sizes here | Hat options here, here and here | Bag • Rebecca Minkoff | Watch • Michael Kors | Sunglasses • Ann Taylor | Shoes • Nordstrom, also here and here, lower heel option here | Lipstick • M·A·C Candy Yum, Yum

Have you checked out the Who What Wear collection at Target?  There are some really stylish pieces at unbelievable prices!  I picked up this yellow moto for $45 on a whim and I’ve already styled it several ways for future posts.  My favorite may be this look.  Doesn’t it hearken to spring?  This yellow is a great hue – warm enough for most skin tones.  The wrong shade of yellow can really wash us out, but this one seems to have the opposite effect, actually brightening my face.  And at this price, it’s sure to brighten yours.  🙂

When I put this together indoors, I’ll confess I didn’t realize the blouse was so sheer.  The sun hit and made for some interesting revelations.  I would definitely recommend a black cami underneath.  If you want the sheer effect over the jeans, which I really like, tuck in the cami.  Live and learn.  I seem to say that a lot!

I know lately I’ve been in a “show and go” mode.  I don’t mean to be anti-social, I’ve just been swamped.  This time of year is pretty busy for CPAs in public accounting. Any fellow tax preparers feeling the load?  Just a few more weeks and I’ll have more time to devote here.  I appreciate your patience with me, and I appreciate the time you take from your busy day to visit.  It means a lot to me. <3

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