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Dress • Dillard’s | Sandals • Similar here and here | Hat • Nordstrom |  Sunglasses • Ray-Ban Original Aviator | Reversible Tote • Nordstrom | Lip Gloss • M·A·C Myth

Cheers! Sometimes all you need is a great hat and a glass of sparkling wine!  And, of course, a resort-worthy comfy dress.  So excited for the long weekend and the chance for Andy and I to get together with an old friend to celebrate his 60th birthday.  The years have certainly flown by!

It got me to thinking about good friendships.  Over time you may find friends traveling into and out of your life, often literally, as job transfers, children and health compel people to relocate.

A combination of those factors brought us to Arizona, leaving so many of our California friends in the process.  As we settled here and then worked through the failing health of a family member, the day-to-day activities of family and work kept us busy, and over time we lost contact with so many of those friends.  We’re so excited to reconnect with one of them this weekend!

I remember a song from Girl Scouts so many years ago, “Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver and the other, gold.”  It’s so true.  True friends are precious.  We get busy, they get busy, but when the opportunity comes to connect and spend time together, how wonderful and heartwarming those opportunities can be.

So today I say “cheers” to good friends, silver and gold.  I hope I enrich your lives as you have enriched mine.