Do You Wear White After Labor Day?

Still Wearing White

What do you think about wearing white after Labor Day? It’s not an earth-shattering question, but it’s funny how certain fashion “rules” find their way into our lives. I think this “rule” had more to do with shoes than anything else. I remember my white patent leather Mary Janes going into retirement at the end of the summer in favor of new suede school shoes. Anyone else have a similar memory?

White Options

This past spring and summer those cute little white booties were everywhere, except in my closet.  I didn’t buy any because I didn’t really have a place to wear them.  To be honest, I didn’t think that trend would last. I’ve seen them styled a bit here and there in fall transition looks so I’m glad to see they’re getting a longer season than I expected they would.

White pants seem is an easy piece of clothing to mesh into a fall look. I added some boots to reduce the amount of visible white as well as some fall colors like olive and burgundy.  This shirt was part of J.Jill’s summer collection.  A little flounce in the cut means the shirt doesn’t completely hug the hips like a regular shirt often does.  I call the color “olive” but the actual color is “arugula.”  The shirt is a summer weight and perfect when you want to look like fall but feel like summer.  In the Southwest, that’s going to be the case for another two-four weeks.  We have to get a bit creative if we want to transition to fall and remain comfortable!

If you really feel white shoes and pants are pushing the envelope, or if the fabrics are too thin and fragile for the colder temps where you live, you can always opt for a white tee, sweater or blazer.  Okay, maybe the white blazer is still too much after August.  How about a pop of white in a tee or sweater to brighten things up?  You get more of a transitional vibe rather than “all in for fall.”  My thoughts, anyway.

About the Colors

I wore the olive shirt/white jeans combo throughout the summer.  All I did here was add some fall touches to adjust the look to the season.  Burgundy always makes me think of fall, so I included it in both in the bag and the lip.  Burgundy is a nice contrast to white and it complements olive really well.  I haven’t put those colors together in the past. Again, not an earth-shattering idea, just exploring fall ideas.

I’m still seeing OTK boots in stores, so I figured I could get away with them here.  In truth, I’ve had mine for a couple years now and it’s nice to get a lot of use out of them.  I may have even bought them on sale.  Hooray for trends that last more than a minute. 🙂   I didn’t want to overdo the burgundy (the bag and lip were sufficient for me) so boots in a nice, understated tan worked.


And That’s It

I’m stretching my wardrobe and my wardrobe dollar by getting the most use out of every piece I can.  If youe weather is still warm, use your summer pieces in fall colors to help you change seasons without sweltering in sweaters.  And don’t forget to try adding a little white to the look!

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