Fall Florals

We always think of flowers in spring, but what about fall? It turns out the transition isn’t tough with the right colors. There is a unique depth to fall florals as a result of the colors involved.  Find florals from which you can pull the rich colors of fall, such as mustard, rust, plum and… Read More Fall Florals


More Olive

I’m still milking this shirt for all its got. It’s such a great fall transition piece! Almost everything goes with jeans, so no surprise this cute top does as well. With a great color like Olive (even though J.Jill calls it Arugula) I can look like fall while it still feels like summer.  How are you… Read More More Olive

Collaboration, Looks


I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you velvet is such a hot trend this fall.  It’s such a luxurious fabric, so soft yet so elegant, you wonder why it took so long to reclaim its status as a fashion favorite. I used to sew a lot growing up, and I remember choosing velvet… Read More Velvet