Fall Florals

We always think of flowers in spring, but what about fall? It turns out the transition isn’t tough with the right colors. There is a unique depth to fall florals as a result of the colors involved.  Find florals from which you can pull the rich colors of fall, such as mustard, rust, plum and burgundy. Use those solids as your base and when weather dictates, in a sweater or coat.

I’ve created one of those looks above.  No surprise I chose burgundy as my base, but you can also see options for dark green, mustard and fall’s surprise color, dusty pink.  And did you catch the long-line cardi?  It’s reversible!  I’m showing the lighter burgundy but the reverse side is the same darker color as my pants.  Want to look taller?  Choose the color that matches the pants to elongate your silhouette.

Chico’s Floral Top  |  Chico’s Travelers Collection Crepe Pants   |  Chico’s Reversible Cardigan   |  Christian Louboutin Pumps

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