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Feeling a Little Casual

Ah Tanner! He’s such a sweet boy, but he has such a penchant for getting in the way. If you’re heading through a doorway, he has a gift of placing himself in that doorway two seconds before you walk through. Every time. I’m not sure if he does it on purpose or it just happens with uncanny regularity. So when he decides to be part of the photo shoot I’ve decided to just go with it.  Even as I type this he’s sticking his nose under my hand in an effort to get my attention.

I had to laugh.  J.Jill’s great casual clothing is all about our style for life and Tanner’s antics are front and center in mine.  That’s why the J.Jill relaxed, casual style fits my down-time perfectly.  My after-office time is often busier than my office time and I need easy pieces that are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear.  This mixed media dress is a great example.  It pops right over the head and out the door.  Casual perfection!  I styled it with a pair of Converse tennis shoes, but I could easily have worn mules, slides or ballet flats.

It’s much too warm here to think about a cover, but a blue or white denim jacket would be a great cover to pick up the chambray details, don’t you think?  It would be a great way to take this dress into fall.  And did  I mention pockets?  Such a fun dress!

What are your favorite styles when you’re feeling casual?