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Eliminate, Donate, Participate

Eliminate, Donate, Participate Recycling has become a part of our daily routine. Glass, plastic, aluminum – these are all commonly recycled materials, but have you thought about fabric or, more specifically, clothing? Cleaning out my closet gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. I pull pieces that just don’t work for me anymore.… Read More Eliminate, Donate, Participate

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Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day I’m taking a moment today to recognize those who have served our country and paid the heaviest price. Our fallen service men and women and their families have made a sacrifice few of us can really fathom. From those whose lives laid the foundation of our great nation to Master Sgt. Jonathan J… Read More Memorial Day 2018

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A Different Perspective

This was fun. I decided to try something completely different by choosing some unusual camera angles. Sometimes you’ve got to mix things up to get a different perspective. It’s so easy to get into a rut, never varying in our daily routines. It’s also much too easy to dig in with our opinions and ideas… Read More A Different Perspective


Midlife Paradigm Shift

What does it mean to be Fierce in Midlife?  Midlife has its opportunities and challenges.  We look at things differently, and we react to them differently.  I’d call it a Midlife Paradigm Shift.  For better or for worse, things aren’t the way they were for us in our 20, 30s or 40s.  We’re ignored by… Read More Midlife Paradigm Shift