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Cushion Inserts – Extend the Life of Your Shoes

I wear panty hose as seldom as possible but my bare feet can wreak havoc on the insoles of my shoes. I solved this issues years ago with trim to fit cushioned inserts. Have you tried them? For what is essentially a thin piece of foam, they sure do a lot.

Cushioned inserts extend the life of your shoes by protecting the insoles. No more cracking, dirty (and smelly) leather. The inserts absorb moisture and odor so the insides of your shoes stay fresh and clean. When the inserts get dirty you can pull them out and throw them in the washer. How fabulous is that? I’ve been able to use them over and over by washing them and letting them air dry. Once in a while one has found its way into the dryer and it’s been fine, but I think they last a little longer when they air dry.

That thin piece of foam makes every shoe a bit more comfortable. It’s surprising the difference that a small amount of cushion makes. Even my least comfortable shoes feel better and my feet can handle heels so much longer. It’s gotten to the point wear i won’t wear a pair of heels without a set of inserts.

Because you cut them to size, you can customize a set of inserts to a particular pair of shoes. Pointed toes, rounded toes, pumps, sandals, slides, boots – you can customize your shoe inserts to any pair of shoes you own! An added plus for slides – that annoying slap, slap, slap you hear when you walk barefoot in slip-ons is gone! The padding absorbs the sound so you can walk in peace. Brilliant.

Cushion insoles provide so many great benefits for such a low price. You almost can’t afford not to get them just to prolong the lives of your shoes!

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