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Forever Fierce

Last year 50 bloggers over the age of 50 came together on the 50th day of the year to celebrate each other and Midlife. You may remember The Fierce 50.  Wow has that idea taken off!  We’re expanding this year with Forever Fierce Campaign 2018.  Women at Midlife are realizing we are loving, collaborative, and . . . influential. We have a voice, we’re using it and others are taking notice. Retailers have reached out to this core group of women. Some, like Chico’s, have understood our demographic all along. So has hair color super-brand Madison Reed. These companies jumped in right away to celebrate with us and we love them for it!

Something wonderful happened when this original group of 50 women came together. The love and support we felt from each other was so uplifting. As one who has dealt with mean girls as a child and young adult, this was a refreshing change. I think we all realize there is a certain vulnerability to blogging. We put ourselves out there, sometimes in very personal ways, and leave ourselves open to potential criticism. To find women who lift you up and commend you for venturing out.

This year we’re doing it again with a very special variation – we want to include non-bloggers! We want to be an inclusive community, and we recognize most Midlife women aren’t bloggers. with that in mind, it just made sense to invite any and all midlife women to join the conversation.  I’d love to feature you here.  All we ask you to do is join our Facebook community Forever Fierce Campaign 2018, send a photo of yourself (you can email it to me – your email will remain private) and tell us in 150 words or less what it means to you to be fierce at Midlife.  “Fierce” can mean however you choose to define it.  That’s the beauty of Midlife – there’s a point when we learn to create our own rules and break a few “accepted” ones.  Won’t you please join us?