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Looking Put-together When I’m Not

Hi there! Remember me? In the middle of another crazy week my computer decided to take several DAYS to process an update. Well. . . only partially true. Four hours in I became impatient (pretty typical reaction for me) so I started messing with it, finally turning it off. Of course, I was warned, “Do Not Turn Your Computer Off.” Clearly I was smarter than my pokey computer, and I needed to give it a little nudge. Shocker – that didn’t improve the situation.

Thankfully, a wonderful Geek Squad member was able to bring my computer back to the land of the living in less than five minutes.  She looked at it (I did that), she waited a bit (I did that, too) then she pushed the same button I pushed!   Really??  She is clearly the computer whisperer because I left with a fully operational laptop and an encouraging, “sometimes these updates take a really long time. Patience is a virtue during updates.” Patience is a virtue for a lot of things, so I’m told. I wouldn’t know.  It tends to be an elusive virtue for me. Grrrr.

All that to say that, due to technical difficulties I had an unscheduled week off from blogging and Instagram posts. Fortunately I am up and running because our big Bridging the Gap Campaign launches tomorrow. Be sure to visit again tomorrow!

This may never happen to you, but there are a lot of times I don’t have it together. How do I look put together when I’m not? One of my favorite answers to that question is to wear an amazing piece over something pretty basic. The basic part is quick and easy. It didn’t take much effort to put together a black column. Adding one statement piece isn’t that tough, either. This black-trimmed long sweater, the J.Jill Hayley Textured Topper, is an easy choice. It makes the black column look so put-together. No one knows it was a last-minute decision. When everything seems to be spinning out of control around me, it’s a confidence boost to look like it’s not. When the week goes to poop, I need a confidence boost!

I hope you have a confident Monday. Thanks for visiting!

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